Rob Zundel, LLC

Software Development and Consulting

I am a software developer with experience in C, C++, Swift, Java, and Python.

I am currently developing with an associate an iOS keyboard extension called PhonemeKey. It differs from other keyboards in that keys represent phonemes, or sounds, rather than letters to form the words. So you can sound words out, rather than having to know how they are spelled. You can even skip vowels and r, w, h, and y, unless a word starts with one of those, since that is where most of the variation in pronunciations exists. There is a unique sound for each phoneme symbol on the keyboard. "Guess" words appear as you enter more phonemes, and the desired word usually appears by the time two or three have been entered.

I came up with the idea after watching children learn to write. Their small motor skills are such that holding a pencil is painful, and they spell as words sound to them. I set out to make a better keyboard, not only for children, but to 'fix' some of the things that I find annoying in the current offerings. PhonemeKey will be available on the Apple iStore soon.


I have over 30 years of development experience, mostly in Computer Aided-Design and computer graphics. I worked for Autodesk for 17 years and was one of the original software architects who designed and developed both the Inventor and Fusion products. My most recent employer was Google, where I worked on the new version of maps as part of the server team.

I am interested in graphics, design, user interface, learning, and productivity applications.

I have Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University, with an emphasis on structural design and analysis.


I have done contract consulting and software development for the last three years, in addition to developing my own apps. I have both programming and user interface/human factors associates I can pull in for larger projects.

Please contact me if you have software development you would like to have me do or if you are interested in licensing PhonemeKey in your app.


For inquiries send me an email at:

or call me at: (503) 858-7190